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Amazon Payments at Atomic Mall

Atomic Mall is thrilled to have partnered with Amazon.com in introducing their fantastic payment service to our site. Adding Amazon Payments to your storefront will open up your store to millions of new potential buyers who feel safe using Amazon's proven and secure pay services. It also allows them to use their pre-existing account information already stored at Amazon.com, meaning they won't be required to spend extra time registering a new account when they decide to make a purchase. Seeing the recognizable Amazon logo on your product pages will give your Buyers that crucial, extra level of confidence needed to finalize the sale!

Installing Amazon Payments into your Atomic Mall account requires a few preliminary steps that, while not complicated, need to be executed carefully to ensure that Buyers will be able to pay you successfully. If you don't already have an Amazon Payments account, you can sign up for free here: https://payments.amazon.com

Start by opening a Personal Account at Amazon Payments, and start the activation process by choosing "Send money online"


Complete your activation by verifying your email address and adding a credit card or bank account.


Once you've successfully created a Personal Account, upgrade to a Business Account by clicking "Business" from your Account home page, and then "Sign up Now" in the Amazon Simple Pay box. This step is VERY IMPORTANT, as you won't be able to accept Amazon Payments without a Business Account.


When registering your Business Account, enter your Atomic Mall Storefront URL in the space for "My website"


After successfully activating your Business Account with Amazon Payments, take a deep breath...there is one step left. You will need an Amazon Web Services Account. Go here to sign up: http://aws.amazon.com and be sure to use the same login info that you used for your Amazon Payments Account.

When this account is active, log into the main AWS account page, and click Your Account, then Security Credientials in the upper right corner.


Scroll down to the Access Keys section, and click "Show" under "Secret Access Key".

Keep this browser window open, as you will need both these numbers for insertion into your Atomic Mall account.


From your Atomic Mall Account page, select Store Settings > Payment Methods to show your currently accepted payment services. Click the Add/Update button to bring up the secure Account ID Entry page.


Now go back to your Amazon Web Services page, and copy & paste the 20-digit Access Key ID into your Atomic Mall Access Key box for Amazon Payments. Then copy & paste the 40-digit Secret Access Key into your Secret Key box. When finished, click Enable, then Return to save.


If everything goes right, your Payment Methods box should now show the Amazon logo, and your product pages will proudly display the same logo along with your other pay methods:


When you've completed all the steps outlined here, your Atomic Mall store will be ready to start taking Amazon Payments. If you receive a payment notice from Amazon, but no order notice from Atomic Mall containing details of the order, chances are you copied one or both of your data keys incorrectly. Remember that the shorter key (Access Key) goes into the first box, and the longer key (Secret Key) goes into the second box. Also make sure your account type is Business and not Personal.

Good luck and happy selling!

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