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   Atomic Auction Tutorial


Placing bids on Atomic Auctions is extremely easy and intuitive. Once you've logged in and found your item, click the Auction tab from the Product View page to reveal the bid window.


Since Atomic Auctions end after a specified number of bids are placed instead of a fixed date, the first area you'll want to visit is the Auction Info box with bid information. This window displays the following:
  • Max Bids: The total number of bids needed from unique bidders to end the auction.
  • Bids Placed: The number of unique bidders who have already submitted their bids for an item.
  • Reserve: Whether or not an item has a "reserve" price in place - a hidden amount which establishes the minimum selling price.
  • Bids Needed: The number of remaining bids required to successfully end the auction and establish a winner.


To lock in your bid, enter a dollar amount into the Bid Price box, along with the number of items you'd like in the Qty box. If no value is entered in the Qty box, "1" is assumed. Click the Continue button when ready.

There are various strategies bidders use when entering their prices for a sealed bid auction. One method is to add a few cents to an amount that you believe other bidders might commonly bid for an item. For example, if you feel $15.00 is a fair price for an item and other bidders are likely to enter that amount, you might bid $15.12, using the extra odd cents to edge out any bidders who may have just rounded their bid off at $15.00. Another strategy is to enter lowball bid amounts, hoping that the other bidders were like minded. In this scenario, your lowball bid might be the highest! Generally speaking though, the best strategy is to simply enter the maximum amount you feel comfortable paying. If you win, buyer and seller are both happy. If not, at least you'll take comfort in knowing that you exercised good discipline, and didn't overextend yourself by paying too much for your object of desire. Let the search continue!


Next you should see the bid preview window, displaying the amount of your bid extended by quantity, as well as a tentative order total including standard shipping charges. Click Confirm if you are satisfied with your bid, or click Cancel to return to the Bid Window and start again. You should confirm your bid ONLY if you are prepared to pay for the item within 24 hours, should you become the winner. Non-paying high bidders risk receiving NPB strikes against their account, and two such strikes are all that's required for account suspension.


After clicking Confirm, your bid will be locked in, and the bid counts adjusted:

After the remaining bids are placed and the auction closes, you'll be notified by email immediately if you're the winner, and provided with a special link to an Atomic Auction checkout page to pay for your item. If you are the last bidder and your bid is highest, you'll be provided with a button to immediately pay for your product. We'll also have a little surprise for you, so be on the lookout for it!

Remember: when you win, always pay promptly to avoid losing to an underbidder!



Putting your items up for auction is very straightforward, with only a couple extra mouseclicks required when you create or edit a listing. Start by going to the Creation Station to create a new listing or edit an existing one. Then select the Enable radio button by the Auction form field to expose a dropdown data entry box:

Atomic Auctions are not complicated, requiring only three key pieces of information: Reserve price, Max bids and Listing type.
  • Reserve Price: If you want to prevent your item from selling below a certain threshold price, set the Reserve price to the minimum amount you are willing to accept for it. Leave this field blank, or enter "0" to make a No-Reserve auction, in which you are obligated to sell the item, regardless of high bid price.
  • Max Bids: The number of bids from unique bidders required to end your auction. Set this to 2 for a quick auction, 5 for a standard length auction, or 10 for an extended length auction. Bidding for a "Max2" auction can produce volatile and unpredictable results! The 5 and 10-bid auctions will tend to generate gavel prices which more closely reflect an item's true market value, as bidder competition plays a bigger role.
  • Listing Type: Select "Auction" to create a listing which can only be purchased by bidding on your item and waiting for the auction to end. Select "Hybrid" to simultaneously offer the item in both Auction and Fixed Price formats. A dollar value in the Selling Price field is required for a Hybrid listing, but not required for an Auction listing.


After saving your listing, your new auction will be immediately available to interested bidders, and will become indexed by our site's search engine soon after. Auction listings show up right alongside regular items in a site search, with auction items bearing special indicator badges to differentiate them from other listings.

Atomic Auctions are fun, challenging and unique! Turn your items into auctions and add some flair to your storefront as well as extra cash in your pocket. Auctions are also an ideal selling platform if you aren't sure about the value of your item. By allowing bidders to compete for your products, you allow market supply & demand to dictate value.


Want to talk with other users about Atomic Auctions? Visit our forums where a special board has been created JUST for auction chat, contests and promotion:


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