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Dwolla Payments at Atomic Mall   
  Integration & Setup

Installing Dwolla payments into your Atomic Mall account is an extremely simple process, and designed to get you up and running with a minimum amount of effort. Once installed, your buyers will be able to purchase from your store using their bank or credit union accounts, regardless of whether they have a current Dwolla account or not.

To upgrade your Seller account to accept Dwolla, start by going to Account > Toolbox > Payment Methods on your Account page. From there, click the Add/Update button to bring up the secure Account ID Entry page.


Keep this window open, as you will be entering your Dwolla account information into the three data fields shown.


In a new browser window, navigate to www.dwolla.com and login to your existing account, or register a new account if you don't already have one. You may create either a personal or a business account, but be advised that Dwolla will need to verify your business credentials if you choose to open a business account, and this process can take a few days to complete. In most cases, personal accounts can be used right away.


Once logged in, go to your main Account page and click the "Settings" icon on the top right portion of the page. Then select "App Permissions" from the dropdown menu.


From the App Permissions page, click the edit link shown.


Click the "Create an application" button.


Name your application as "Atomic Mall -" followed by your Atomic Mall account ID or store name. IMPORTANT: All entries below this one should be left blank!


Under "Permissions" on the same page, check all boxes and read the Dwolla terms of service. If you agree, check the final agreement box and click "Create your application".


Once your application is created, the page will display two hashes (long alphanumeric strings). Copy and paste the Key data into the Merchant Key field on your Atomic Mall Payment Method page, and the Secret data into the Secret Key field.


From the upper right portion of the Dwolla page, click on your avatar image. This will generate a pop-up box with your name and Dwolla ID number, beginning with "812". Copy and paste this number into the Account ID field on your Atomic Mall Payment Method page. Once all three fields are populated with the correct information, click "Enable" to lock them in.


When you've completed all the steps outlined here, your Atomic Mall store will be ready to start taking Dwolla payments. When entering your keys, remember that the longer keys (Merchant and Secret) go into the first two boxes, and the shorter key (Account ID) goes into the third box. Each key must be a specific length and format, so any incorrect entries will result in an error.

Good luck and happy selling!

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