Shadow Force Razor Unit CD ROM

for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000 Copyright Year: 2002 Publisher: Activision Value Publishing, Inc. ESRB Rating: MATURE FULL MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBILITY: LAN and Internet ready You re part of the Elite Shadow Force Unit that has been selected to rip out the heart of global terrorism. You ve been dropped behind enemy lines to find the mission bungled beyond belief! Freedom and Democracy are counting on you! Choose from a wide selection of the military s most advanced weapons and dig in for the fight of your life! Features: Full multiplayer combat compatibility: LAN and Internet ready. Over a dozen multiplayer arenas for the seasoned veteran full of devastating firepower. Four multiplayer game modes: Deathmatch, Survival, Capture and Flag and Team Deathmatch. 10 Solitary counter terrorism missions to find and destroy leaders of the terrorist cells. Use stealth or call in special "Stinger Missiles" for reinforcements; the action doesn t get any more life-like than this! Storyline is ripped from the headlines of today s leading newspapers. System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP: Intel Pentium II or AMD compatible class processor 333MHz, 64MB RAM on Win 95/98, 128MB RAM on WIN ME/2000/XP, 4MB AGP 3D hardware accelerator with Direct3D support, High color graphics (16 BIT), 4X CD-ROM, Mouse and keyboard, 56K modem or LAN for multiplayer, 450MB hard drive space, DirectX compatible sound card, DirectX 8a or higher. CD-ROM ONLY in protective windowed paper sleeve! NOT as pictured! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Unless otherwise noted, you will receive a genuine factory CD in a sleeve. It does not include any documentation, paperwork, Jewel Case, or Box.

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Shadow Force: Razor Unit (PC-CD, 2002) for Windows - NEW CD in SLEEVE

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shadow force razor unit pc cd 2002 windows cd sleeve



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