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RNM & V2K Helmet Shield
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Mindcontroll Sardinia Lab , INC
As supplier store and RNM,V2k,Sythetic Telepathy labatory I produce variety staffs about Telepathy labatory devices that can solve all factors by professional network solution devices for you.

Our staff is available for any questions you may have. Please feel free to call or
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Mar 2016
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Ferromagnetic head shields (brain shields) are the best and most cost effective methods to protect the human brain from being read and tampered with using electromagnetic fields . This (HSR) is our most advanced and improved version of our popular head shield / brain shield. The HSR is head shielding (brain shielding) which protects the head and brain of the protected Targeted Individual from virtually all of the exposure he/she experiences from EMFs (Electrical Fields and Magnetic Fields)  attacks to the brain (those which may cause remote mind control / thought control, behavior control, thought monitoring, voice-to-skull (V2K, V2S), mind reading, remote neural monitoring (RNM), forced "voice of God" hallucinations, mind games, disorientation, pain manipulation, etc.), brain scans, brain tracking and brainwave signature readings. And if you are afflicted by a head implant(s) (including electronic patch-type implants), it also protects against the electronic implant(s) from communicating with (ie: both transmitting to and receiving from) outside devices using radio frequencies (e.g. microwaves, RF).
           If you are experiencing attack-caused manifestations to your body, the Shielded Helmet (or Shielded Cap, see herein) should help tremendously if the perp's malicious signals are irritating parts of your brain that control those parts of the body undergoing the attack. However, the Shielded Helmet (or Shielded Cap) may not substantially affect the manifestations of attacks to your body where the tissue or organ is being directly attacked by the perp and not thru the brain connection to the tissue or organ  

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