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buy now is one lot of magazines. 25 in all All in different conditions. Please read! The whole . "ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY" Here is a list of what issues I have, TOP headline(s) and the condition(s) they are in, and Who s Who on the Cover of the magazines: ALL HAVE MAILING LABELS. November 19, 2004 (issue #793) - Angeline Jolie, Colin Farrell Val Kilmer CAST OF OLIVER STONE S ALEXANDER on cover. Crazy Days, Wild Nights Angry elephants: The Real story Behind Oliver Stones ALEXANDER. PLUS: 25 Years of Hip Hop - The biggest moments the greatest albums. Condition: Nice smooth near mint magazine, light creasing near spine. Very light corner folding upper and lower corners. December 3, 2004 (issue #795) - Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly of LOST! on cover - LOST: Inside TV s biggest Cult Hit since The X-Files . Found 24 Projects they don t want you to see: Depp, DiCaprio, Jerry Lewis The Stones. Condition: Nice smooth cover except very light wrinkling and tearing on front , yellow sticker from post office and first 3 pages and cover lower right lightly folded up, but still nice magazine!!! December 10, 2004 (issue #796) - Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, George Clooney and...Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac, Catherine Zeta-Jones OCEAN S TWELVE CAST on cover (that is a fold-out cover). - NIRVANA S Lost Songs - BOTOX HOLLYWOOD. Who got fat? Who FLubbed his lines? The Stars Tell all. Condition: Light wrinkling on a near mint magazine December 17, 2004 (issue #797) - Lindsay Lohan on cover. Surviving Stardom. She Opens up on fame, family those nasty rumors. Breakout Stars of 2004: Zach Braff, Ashlee Simpson, Kanye West, Evangeline Lilly. And 10 more from movies TV and Music. PLUS: Who to watch in 2005. Condition: Nice lightly wrinkled magazine, upper and lower corners light bending. December 31, 2004/Jan. 7, 2005 (issues #799/800) - Desperate Housewives, Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan, Jamie Foxx, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Reeve (small insets on cover). The BEST of 2004. Featuring Jon Stewart Entertainer of the Year. The Tops in movies, TV, DVD s, Music Books. PLUS: Britney, Janet, and all the other highs and lows. THIS IS A SPECIAL YEAR-END DOUBLE ISSUE. Condition: Nice Near mint magazine!!! Very light wrinkling! January 21, 2005 (issue #802) - Will Farrell, Nicole Kidman CAST OF BEWITCHED on cover. All You need to know about it. Star Wars: Episode III. Batman Begins . HARRY POTTER . Memoirs Of a Geisha . 2005 Forecast: What s Hot? 174 Movies, TV shows, CD s Books to look for this year. PLUS: What s next Brad and Jen, Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, J. LO More! Condition: Mice Near mint magazine except light corner folding on the first page that extends out from cover, upper and lower corners. January 28, 2005 (issue #803) - Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank CAST OF MILLION DOLLAR BABY on cover. Million dollar baby: It s a knock out! Clint Hilary Floored Golden Globe Voters. IS OSCARS NEXT? The Scoop on 22 Hot TV SHOWS! GOLDEN GLOBES: The big Surprises! The Best Gowns! PLUS: From Dirty Harry To Mystic River Clint Looks back on His Big Movies. Condition: a VERY LIGHT fold along length of book near spine but only kind of noticeable, mostly a smooth magazine, lower right corner of magazine from front to back all pages are bent, folded and dinged about an inch in from edge of mag going up about 2 1/2 inches up. February 4, 2005 (issues #804/805) - Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp, Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx - all insets on top of cover - BECAUSE OF OSCAR: The Ultimate Viewers Guide!. JOHNNY CARSON 1925-2005. SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE. Condition: Nice smooth magazine, but minor to light major wrinkling and flattened out folding in the lower part of magazine, covers about 1/3 of front of the magazine. Folded first few pages in same corner. March 11, 2005 (issue #810) - OSCAR WINNERS - Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx, Cate Blanchett, Morgan Freeman on cover. Best Worst Dressed!, Behind the scenes secrets, All The Stars and Parties! PLUS: The Top 10 Oscar Gowns Ever! Condition: A Near mint magazine onlylight corner bending lower right corner. March 18, 2005 (issue #811) - The Aviator, CHICAGO, Shakespeare In Love, Pulp Fiction, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Scream, the English Patient, The Crying Game on cover: MOVIES FROM MIRAMAX THE RISE AND FALL OF the Studio that changed HOLLYWOOD. Inside the Collapse of MIRAMAX PLUS: What s the fallout for Quentin Tarantino, Gwyneth Paltrow, CLive Owen, Pierce Brosnan, Matt Damon, Jude Law Jennifer Aniston? Listen2this: 8 hot bands to watch. Who Pete Townshend Adores. PLUS: Billy Idol s 12 CD Vitals. March 25, 2005 (issue #812) - Marcia Cross cast member of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES on cover. Who s Your Favorite House - wife? Why we Love Bree. The Desperate Women Speak out - and so do the men. Exclusive EW Readers Poll. SPECIAL SERIES #2 OF 5 covers. Collect ALL FIVE COVERS. Condition: nice smooth magazine medium wrinkling on front, but lower cover and the first 3 pages are folded back in lower right corner about an inch from edge. not bad. April 8, 2005 (issue #814) - Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore With Johnny Damon (Red Sox), CAST OF FEVER PITCH on cover. PLAY BALL!! Drew, Jimmy, and the Farrelly Brothers Mix Romance and the Red Sox In: FEVER PITCH. HOUSE: Inside Fox s Surprise Hit. FRAN DRESCHER OMIGAWD! She s Back. Condition: pretty smooth magazine, but has folding on cover top to bottom but has been flattened out some writing on cover but only a little still nice. readable. April 15, 2005 (issue #815) - Dominic Monaghan, Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, and Harold Parrineau; (inset) Ian Somerhalder - LOST CAST on cover - LOST BOYS. Behind the Plot Twists, Conspiricy Theories, And Bad Hair Days Of TV s Coolest Drama. EXCLUSIVE, The Inside story of LOST S First Casualty. BEST DVD S MONEY CAN BUY Condition: Folding along the spine. a little wrinkling up in upper left corner July 28, 2006 (issue #888) - Colin Farrell Jamie Foxx, Crockett and Tubbs - MIAMI VICE MOVIE CAST on the cover- Two High Voltage Stars, One Tough Director, And a Real Life Shootout, REMAKING A TV SHOW CAN BE HELL............PLUS Project Runway, Box Office Winners Losers, LUKE WILSON, EMMY Watch. Condition: Good, but medium wrinkling on fron cover, top right corner a little torn, some spots on cover September 29, 2006 (issue #899) - Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, James Callis BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CAST on cover - SEX! VIOLENCE! TOASTERS? Behind the scenes of TV s next great cult hit, plus All you need to know to catch up for season 3. Peter Jackson: His plans for The HOBBIT Condition:Nice Smooth Magazine, Lower left corner lightly folded up, right edge a little faded lightly folded corner upper right. November 3, 2006 (issue #905) - Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett on Cover - BRAD CATE. SEX DRUGS, GUNS and TERRORISM. How Babel Became This year s DARK-HORSE Oscar Contender. Condition: Light wear on corners, Cover has a small part of gloss taken off. November 10, 2006 (issue #906) - Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, and Adrian Pasdar HEROES CAST on cover - Save The Cheerleader, Save the TV Season! On The set of the surprise Superpowered Hit. PLUS Insider Preview. What s next for the killer The Stripper, Peter s Hair The Fate of the world. LOST Behind the latest shocking death. Condition: Nice smooth magazine, NR, mint magazine not much wrong. November 24, 2006 (issue #908) - Daniel Craig, Eva Green - JAMES BOND: CASINO ROYALE CAST on cover - The Best of BOND: We rank all 20 007 Movies. PLUS: The Season s 10 biggest boxed sets. FEATURING: Ultimate Bond, The West Wing, Looney Toones, Homicide, Frank Capra and 50 more DVD s to buy now! See page 32. CASINO ROYALE is the best Bond in Decades!. PLUS: The Cult of Barbara Streisand, In Memoriam Ed Bradley, Jack Palance. Condition: Near mint magazine, only light bending of cover lower right corner. April 6, 2007 (issue #928) - Emma Watson as Hermione Granger of HARRY POTTER fame on cover. special preview issue HARRY POTTER: All you need to know about the movie, Exclusive Photos! PLUS: The ultimate HARRY POTTER POP QUIZ: 50 Questions to Separate Wizards from Muggles. HOUSE: Your complete a-z Guide, Buffy: The 10th Anniversary. JENNIFER LOPEZ: On her risky album. This cover is one of 3 different covers this issue!!!! Condition: smooth magazine, light wrinkling, but cover lightly folded in lower right corner. June 22, 2007 (issue #940) - The 25 GREATEST ACTION MOVIES of ALL-TIME!, Goldfinger, Die Hard, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Terminator 2, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Spider-Man 2 on the cover. Our Explosive Guide To Hollywood s Biggest Bangs. PLUS: Bruce Willis other stars on Movie Mayhem. Condition: Almost a mint magazine only light wrinkling on cover September 21, 2007 (issue #955) - Britney Spears (at the MTV video music awards) on cover. OH THE HORROR! IS Britney s comeback already over? Or does she have a prayer? PLUS: Viggo Mortensen. OSCAR BUZZ From Toronto. Sean Young: I could have been Julia Roberts. Condition: A nice near mint magazine except upper right corner water damaged through the first 38 pages of the mag. November 2, 2007 (issue #962) - Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe on Cover - American Gangster. The Titans talk: Our Exclusive Interview. Condition: Nice Smooth magazine, Upper right corner lightly folded. November 16, 2007 (issue #964) - Conan O Brien, Katherine Heigl and Steve Carell HOLLYWOOD ON STRIKE! on cover. How long before the writers walkout silences your favorite tv shows? American Gangster Fires up the OSCAR race - The Plan to save HEROES . Condition: Smooth near mint magazine with very light wrinkling and folding. November 23, 2007 (issue #965) - Alicia Keys on cover. How she hit rock bottom and fought back. To make her most personal album yet. TV ICONS The 50 greatest stars of all time(Jennifer Anniston inset photo), Gossip Girl: A Tawdry Teen hit for the blog generation. OSCARS: 10 ways to pick the winners. See page 80. Norman Mailer 1923-2007). Condition: Nice smooth near mint magazine, just light flawing. and wrinkles. August 12, 2011 (issue #1167) - Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer; The Cast of the movie THE HELP on the cover - How do you turn a racially charged book into a moving, funny film? Very Carefully. PLUS - GLEE Trouble Craziness Behind The Scenes. Condition: Medium wrinkling on the cover one small tear near lower staple in spine. Some light missing gloss on cover due to small amont of splashing of something on it. Still a nice magazine. I did try to describe the magazines conditions in as much detail as possible. So if any Atomic Mall buyers out there has any questions please let me know. Please see all photos. Please ask any questions you may have...... Thanks for looking..... Thank You in advance for your Business!!!!


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