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... Up to buy now is: An Ultrafire Branded (according to what it says on the light itself). I would guess a 600 to 700 lumens light at the most.... I have put put up my own pics of this light in action in a totally dark empty apartment. judge for yourself. This buy now sale includes: The charger. The 18650 lithium Ion batteries they are of the skywolfeye brand...which are great batteries. 5000mAh 3.7 v. The flashlight - still like of course. has the XML-T6 bulb type in it. Has an attached lanyard, clip which are both removable. flashlight measures about 7 3/4 inches long, the switch is on the end as usually the case with this type of light. The width or diameter of the light is large enough to accommodate the 18650 batteries, so there are no spacers for the batteries to go down into, as with some lights. When shipped this item will be wrapped in bubble wrap, same with charger, batteries will be rubber banded together side by side as for the ends not to touch. Please see all photos. Please ask any questions you may have..........Thanks for looking.................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!

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LED Flashlight + Charger battery Set: Ultra-fire 18650 XM-L T6..LOOK!

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led flashlight charger battery set ultra fire 18650 xm l t6 look



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