AS Funnel is not included only

the light and the ring. The 7 LED light has: 1. 7 High powered LED lights with 150 Lumen Ansa Power 2. The center light in this model is not seen in others. This center light can work as a torch light just in case you ever need it. You can also use it as a home emergency light or hazard warning light on the road if necessary. 3. There is a built-in rechargeable battery with battery level indicator. This is 4.8V/2000mA. This will usually last up to 4 hours. 4. There are 2 timers: one of 15 minutes and one of 60 minutes to auto-off the LED light. 5. There are 6 various speeds that you can set using very handy and easy to use button functions that are explained on the back of the light. 6. There is a built-in LED regulator for effective brightness control. 7. Very light, handy and portable. 8. Can easily have a Funnel with silicone protector inserted into it. When using the bio light with a funnel in a protective ring, the bio light cap is not needed. 10. Estimated LED life is 30,000 hours. 11. LEDs can be replaced but it is suggested that an electronic technician do the replacement. Customers have used them for over 3 years with no LED burn outs. Quote from a dealer who is a Reiki master and asked us to get the funnel light for her: "It (using the LED) triples or more the funnel. You put the funnel in it. It turns counterclockwise. It has given me super results!!! I like the results I am receiving! I am using it in a person who has sciatica and I just hear all the bones doing crack, crack, crack and the person saying ouch, ouch, ouch, like with a chiropractor. I am so amazed that I laugh when I hear all those sounds and he says that he feels much better. I laugh because I am amazed at the results. I also did it with a person with carpal tunnel, and I gave her just once with the funnel and the led. The first day she felt better. The next day she felt some kind of energy in her thumbs. On the third day she was okay. I did her just once!!!!!??? Note: The funnel light does come with the silicone protector but NO AS funnel.

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AlphaSpin Torch Bio Light LED 150 Lumen V6A w/Silicone Ring

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alphaspin torch bio light led 150 lumen v6a w silicone ring



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