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Domino Rally sets/parts...... Up for Buy It Now is: One Lot of Parts from a couple of different Domino Rally this seller has most parts from the sets that will be this Buy It Now sale........ Also some parts will be from sets that are not mentioned..................Some are miscellaneous sets/Parts........ Also SOME DOMINOS WILL BE included.......... I will try to describe them as well as possible as I m not sure what some of the parts are........ The first set that some of these parts are from is: Galaxy Explorer Set Includes: The Starburst - may need to be repaired. Rocket Launcher - is missing parts 3 Pieces of straight marble track - nice condition 4 Pieces of curved marble track - nice condition. 4 Marble track supports - nice condition. 1 Large Blue Bridge - nice condition. Both pieces of Flag Tower, with 3 flags - flag tower has broken off pieces. 1 Red piece of track, unknown if from this set - nice condition. 5 Straight Pivot Tracks with all 8 Dominoes on it - mint. 5 Curved Pivot Tracks with all 6 dominoes - mint condition. 18 Pivot Dominoes that one or both pins have been broken off...... 2nd set: Deluxe Set Includes: The Power Tower - looks in mint condition. The stairway from the Power Tower - mint condition. 1 leaf-spring that goes into the rocket base - mint condition. The Starburst - seems to be in normal working condition - has the decal on it. 2 Large Red bridges - mint. 1 Stairway support - mint. The Deluxe Set Instructions - good condition. The Slide from the Power tower - mint. The Rocket Launcher Base - great condition. a few parts that go into the rocket launcher base - some are broken Rocket Launcher Tower with numbered decals - good condition - may have missing parts or pieces. Elevator Weight and String and holder - great condition. 7 Curved Pivot tracks with all 6 Dominoes on it - mint 7 Straight Pivot Tracks with all 8 Dominoes on it - mint. 1 Extra pivot domino with both pins intact - mint. The Rocket base - nice condition. 9 Pivot Dominoes with one or both pins broken off. 1 Steel ball - unknown if it is the original steel ball that came with this set. Miscellaneous Parts: Includes: 1 Miscellaneous red and yellow part, Unknown if part of a Domino Rally Set - may be missing parts. 1 "m" shaped yellow bridge w/6 pivot dominoes attached - unbroken condition. 1 "m" shaped black bridge with green decal, it is a pivot domino bridge w/no dominoes - near mint. 1 Blue bridge - mint. 1 Black Bridge - mint. 1 smaller black bridge - mint. 1 bright green marble starting maze - mint. 1 Straight Yellow Pivot Domino track w/no dominoes - mint. 1 Straight Yellow Pivot Domino Track w/all 8 pivot dominoes - mint. 3 Straight Black Pivot Domino Tracks w/all 8 pivot dominoes - mint. 2 Straight Black Pivot Domino Tracks w/no pivot dominoes - mint. 1 Curved Yellow Pivot Domino Track w/all 6 pivot dominoes - mint. 3 Curved Black Pivot Domino Track w/all 6 pivot dominoes - mint. 1 Curved Black Pivot Domino Track w/no pivot dominoes - mint. 1 Red colored plastic marble, unknown if original with domino rally sets - mint. 93 pivot Dominoes missing either one or both pegs . 93 extra regular Sized Dominoes - mint. 10 extended dominoes - mint. see photos to see what they look like. 123 Smaller - shorter dominoes - mint. Please note: some of the pivot dominoes do have both small pegs still attached to them, but will not stay in the specially designed tracks for them...don t function properly. But I m sure they can be trimmed down smooth and used as regular dominoes SORRY NO Original Boxes will be included....... Please see all photos Please ask any questions you may have....................Thanks for looking........................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!!!

Domino Rally - Parts, from Various sets, Most in great condition. LOOK!!

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domino rally parts from various sets most great condition look



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