FM Band Long Range Paging Motorcycle

Alarm System with Proximity Radar Long Range Pager Included FM Band Long Range up to 3000 ft Microwave Proximity Sensor Anti-Hijacking Remote Start Shutdown Red LED Armed Indicator Voice Alerts - Don t Touch The Motorcycle is Protected (optional) Advanced Technology Protection Motorcycle theft is a fact of life. Lock it or lose it. The LM508 has every feature you could want or need and is your first line of defense for your bike. This alarm system uses dual technologies to protect your vehicle. First, it employs industry standard shock sensing technology to detect bumps from other vehicles or passersby. In the event your bike is bumped, the alarm will sound a warning and you will be notified via the pager. Further tampering will activate the alarm. Second, the LM508 utilizes microwave technology to create an invisible protective field around your vehicle. The size of this field is fully adjustable and will activate the alarm when this field is penetrated. This incredibly intelligent alarm system features code morphing technology to prevent a would be theft from obtaining the disarm code. All the features of more expensive systems at a fraction of the cost You don t have to use all the features of the LM508, but you ll be glad they re there. The pager unit can communicate with your bike up to approximately 3000ft, that s about a quarter of a mile depending on conditions. In the event the alarm is activated for any reason, you will be notified via the pager via vibration and a tone. The pager is backlit for night time visibility. Another very nice feature is the anti-hijacking engine immobilizer. If someone is riding off with your bike, one press of the disable button will shut down the bike. Also, once the alarm is active, your engine cannot be started until the alarm is disarmed. All in all, the LM508 is all the alarm you need. Installation instructions and tips are included.

Motorcycle Alarm System w/Remote and Proximity Sensor

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motorcycle alarm system w remote proximity sensor



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