listed in our Store Fully extended ... 29.5 inches ... Fully retracted ... 17 ?? inches (center to center of the ball socket) Diameter rod = 14mm / tube = 28mm End thread = M10 x 1.5 , Ball size =16mm 200 pound force at rest (full extension) 16mm ball socket and stud both rod and tube end SUPER HEAVY DUTY Tilt Deck Trailer Lift Stabilizer Strut / Shock / Spring / Damper / Stay Prop Most all tilt bed trailers work on the same principle, what is needed is a force to over center the deck (like having a buddy stand on the back end) over centering the deck keeping it on the ground, adding this universal gas spring from the frame to the tilt portion of the tongue does the trick! This ultra heavy duty unit is a perfect fit for most any tilt deck trailer! If you have ever tried loading your tilt bed trailer alone you will know what a pain it can be! This simple add on unit will keep the deck on the ground while loading or unloading your trailer, once the payload is aboard the weight compresses the strut and you are ready to go! Please check out the pictures of a standard or heavy duty strut and compare them to this monster unit, the last thing you want at the end of a long day (working or playing) is to spend time loading the trailer! Huge 16MM removable (they screw on to the struts threaded ends) ball studs and sockets (included) on both rod and tube will take most any abuse you can give them! You are bidding / buying (1ea) gas spring / shock / strut Manufactured for Columbia Strut (CS2950-200) this unit is totally self-contained, hermetically-sealed, a hydro pneumatic linear actuator containing pressurized nitrogen gas, which provides the output force. This unit and comes complete with 16mm threaded removable ball sockets both on the rod and tube ends, mounting brackets (bolt or weld on) AND 16mm ball studs (10mm thread) with nuts INSTALLATION: If you are a bit handy you can do this up-grade yourself Get your high quality Columbia nitrogen filled gas struts here! Columbia Struts are / have been used by many of the nations top motor coach manufacturers! A note about our struts ??? When you produce a $300,000.00 to $600.000.00+ coach do you think they would skimp on the struts? Unlike Many Sellers we also carry an extensive line of end fittings, mounting brackets and ball studs for our struts The shipping, handling and insurance is a set cost of $17.00 for the first set and $4.00 for each additional (FedEx to the Lower 48 states USA ONLY) Happy Bidding! Thank-you for your interest

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SUPER DUTY Equipment Tilt Deck Trailer Gas Strut Shock Spring Prop Rod Damper Assist

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super duty equipment tilt deck trailer gas strut shock spring prop rod damper assist



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