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Bacon Flavored Dog Food Spray
In Stock Brand:  Bacon Flavored Spray For Dry Dog FoCondition:  New
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Why would someone buy a bottle of Bacon Spray for dry dog food?
1. Because they have a dog that has lost interest in eating the food that is being placed in the bowl.
A) They have noticed that their dog is not interested in the food in the bowl and only finally eats it when they are absolutely starving and there is no other choice.
B) They recognize that their dog enthusiastically ate all the food in the bowl for a while but over time the dog seems to have grown less and less interested, enthusiastic or excited about meal time.
C) They may have an older dog that has grown tired of eating the same thing every day.
D) They may have a puppy that is not eating the dry dog food and they are looking for a way to fix that problem.
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Bacon Spray for dry dog food
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Add some wood smoked Bacon flavor to that dry dog food and watch your dog eat it up!

Made in the USA

Bacon flavored spray is for dry dog food.

Spray on the wood smoked Bacon flavor and your dog will start eating that dry dog food with pleasure!

It is quite easy and convenient to use, no mess and no mushy dog food problems associated with some water based flavor enhancement products.

Bacon flavored spray does NOT contain water only high grade, food grade soybean oil with wood smoked bacon flavoring.

Pet food boredom is an easily observable problem exhibited by the lack of interest in eating what you are putting in the bowl. Even after changing from one dry dog food to another, this problem will resurface after a while. . .

Bacon spray is healthy for your dog.

It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in addition to vitamin E. These nutrients are beneficial to your pet's skin and coat. Bacon spray for dry dog food will enhance the flavor of even the best dog food on the market. If you have a dog that is not eating the dry dog food that you are putting in the bowl everyday then you should try using wood smoked bacon flavored spray in that situation, it will solve the problem of picky eaters once and for all. Bacon spray is made from food grade soybean oil and the addition of this light coat of oil to the dry dog food not only improves the taste and texture of the food while adding beneficial nutrients to your pet's diet it also acts as a natural lubricant so that the dry dog food becomes easier to swallow. It helps make the dry dog food go down easier in addition to improving the flavor and overall eating experience of your pet.

Bacon spray for dry dog food is a healthy way to encourage your dog to eat.

One bottle will last 3-4 months.

ONLY 13.3 calories per serving!

One serving is equal to 4 sprays.

You can buy a bottle online at FLAVOREDSPRAYS


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Ideal for bundling with this product

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