1910 Boy Scout Handbook on DVD

Resellers Lot of 10 WHOLESALE LOT of 10 - perfect for Fund Raising or Resale. The first Official Handbook, subtitled A Handbook of Woodcraft, Scouting, and Life-craft was first published in July 1910. It was written by Ernest Seton and drew greatly on Baden-Powell s Scouting for Boys, it included information on the organization of Scouting, signs and signaling, and camping, as well as Scouting games and a description of several Scouting honours. Notably, this book did not place emphasis on first aid, knife and axe use, or map and compass work, as later editions would. Because this edition of was intended solely as a temporary guide until an authoritative handbook could be made, it is now known as the 1910 Original Edition Handbook. The cover art was an illustration by Baden-Powell. There were about 28,000 copies printed. This CD is an affordable archive of The Boy Scout Handbook. It is a descendant of Baden-Powell s original handbook, Scouting for Boys, which has been the basis for Scout handbooks in many countries, with some variations to the text of the book depending on each country s codes and customs. We have included a total of eleven {11} vintage handbooks and a wonderful selection of twenty-five {25} vintage novels based on early scouting life! This Electronic Library Includes All These Books: :: Boy Scouts of America, Official handbook of Woodcraft scouting, and life-craft (1910) - 212 pages. :: Boy Scout Songbook (1979) - 136 pages. :: Boy Scouts Hikes in Greater Boston (1919) - 56pages. :: Boys Life Magazine - 12 Complete Issues! (Jan 1915 to Dec 1915) - 576 pages. :: Educational Work of the Boy Scouts (1919) - 22 pages. :: Educational Work of the Boy Scouts (1921) - 16 pages. :: Indian Scout Talks, a guide for Boy scouts and Campfire Girls (1914) - 218 pages. :: Roy Blakeley, his story being the true narrative of his adventures (1920) - 236 pages. :: The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore (1912) - 602 pages. :: The Boy Scout s Hike Book, the first of a series of handy volumes of information and inspiration (1913) - 264 pages. :: The Boy Scouts Year Book (1920) - 262 pages. :: Novel : A Country Boy scout (1916) :: Novel : Blackbeards island the adventures of three boy scouts in the sea islands (1916) :: Novel : Boy Scouts in a motor boat or, adventures on the Columbia River (1912) :: Novel : Boy Scouts life of Lincoln Vol #1 (1921) :: Novel : Boy Scouts life of Lincoln Vol #2 (1921) :: Novel : Boy Scouts of Lakeville high (1920) :: Novel : Boy Scouts on the trail (1920) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts along the Susquehanna or, the Silver Fox Patrol caught in a flood (1915) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts at the Panama Canal (1913) :: Novel : The boy Scouts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition (c1915) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts book of stories (1920) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts for Uncle Sam (1912) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts good turn (1917) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts in a trapper s camp (1915) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge or marooned among the moonshiners (1913) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts of Bob s Hill (1912) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts of Kendallville (1918) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts of the Air at Cape Peril (c1921) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts of the Eagle patrol (1911) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft camp (1912) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts on Belgian battlefields (1915) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts on the range (1911) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts to the rescue (1920) :: Novel : The Boy Scouts under fire in Mexico (1914) :: Novel : Yarns for Boy Scouts, told round the camp fire (1909) Boys Life Magazine - 12 Complete Issues! - 576 pages. Sample thumbnails taken from the collection. (Low resolution thumbnails - CD/DVD images are scanned at 300 DPI) In 1911, George S. Barton, of Somerville, Massachusetts, founded, and published the first edition of Boys Life magazine. It was edited by 18-year old Joe Lane of Providence, Rhode Island.He called it Boys and Boy Scouts Magazine. The first issue of Barton s Boys Life was published on January 1, 1911. Five thousand copies were printed of that first issue. Very few of those copies actually reached the public. The widely accepted first edition was published on March 1, 1911. With this issue, the magazine was expanded from eight to 48 pages, the page size was reduced, and a two-color cover was added. In 1912, the Boy Scouts of America purchased the magazine, making it an official BSA magazine. BSA paid $6,000, $1 per subscriber, for the magazine. For your enjoyment we bring together the complete 1915 issue year: FINE PRINT: Files in our collections are in .pdf format, so you can easily view, copy, print, or share as you see fit. Use our scanned images for research or school projects, all pages are scanned at 300 DPI or more. View directly in Adobe Reader - perfect for reprinting in newsletters, magazines or art projects, use as clip art in any graphics program, scale it, edit it, print it to suit your needs. Our catalog and image CD-ROM s are intended to be used on any computer capable of viewing .gifs, .tiffs and .gifs. CD is not intended for DVD Players. (DVD movies are of course playable on any home DVD player). BEFORE bidding on this item, please note the location. We ship from multiple locations, CD/DVD s are shipped immediately, custom vintage giftware is Special Order , and will ship factory direct - holiday season please allow 10 to 14 days production time BEFORE item is shipped. Shipping: SAVE on shipping, purchase additional items and pay only $1.00 ($2.00 Int l) for each CD/DVD! Please wait for invoice prior to remitting payment - we are happy to combine your purchases to save on costs. Did you know that many of our reproduction catalog covers are now available on great gift items such as mouse pads, clocks, jewelry and more Please check out the VLR on Atomic Mall store to see all these all original gift items.

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1910 Boy Scout Handbook RESELLERS Lot of 10 on CD

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1910 boy scout handbook resellers lot 10 cd



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