Two Breast Pumps Simply Go Electric

and Simply Go Manual Breast Pumps This auction is for two Simply go Breast pumps : A manual and an Electric Breast pump. Both are in Sealed packages - never been used. Simply Go Electric Breast Pump, Single NEW! Polypropylene milk storage bottles are without BPA (Bisphenol-A) * Completely transparent milk collection let's Mom see pump is completely clean * Includes additional overflow valve * Pump horn has a full silicone cushion insert without BPA (Bisphenol-A) for increased comfort and custom sizing * The adjustable vacuum dial enables maximum efficiency * Automatic cycling simulates your baby's suckling * Includes * Pump unit, 4 oz collection bottle, Nipple, Cap ring, Hood, Sealing disc, 4-pack disposable nursing pads, Carry case, A/C adaptor or battery powered operation (batteries not included) SimplyGo Manual Breast Pump A simple way to support breastfeeding for your baby. It's handheld, portable, convenient and diaper-bag ready. Lightweight, portable and convenient anywhere Advanced MemoryFlex fastener that ensures smooth return for effective milk expression Soft silicone insert that is removable to accommodate different nipple sizes Comes with a 5 oz. bottle size to allow more milk collection Easy assembly and cleaning All components are made without BPA. Includes: Breast pump unit, 5-ounce collection bottle, nipple, hood, sealing disc, soft flange insert, additional overflow valve and carrying case BONUS: Includes a sample 2-pack of SimplyAbsorbent disposable nursing pads with coupon. Proven to be one of the most absorbent pads Payment is required within 24 hours after this auction ends, Simply Go Electric Breast Pump , Simply Go Manual Breast Pumps

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Breast Pump, Simply Go Electric and Simply Go Manual Breast Pump

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