DRUID Daemons Of The Mind CD

-ROM for DOS Copyright Year: 1995 Publisher: Sir-tech Software, Inc. 4 stars from CD-ROM Today 81% from PC Gamer We Give You the World Immerse yourself in a strange culture full of mystery, magic and deception. All is not what it seems in this bizarre and alien world. Who is friend... who is foe? What has happened to the missing Druid? What are the strange scientists doing? Which path is safe to choose? Find your answers by exploring this "feature length" story in a three dimensional world. An action-packed game designed to take advantage of the latest advances in interface and graphic design. An intricate storyline that unfolds as you explore a rich gaming world. Featuring action-based combat and an intuitive point-and-click interface for simplicity of play. Features: Over 100 fully rendered 3D locations to explore. Seamless animations of creatures and characters. Carefully crafted detailed story full of twists and turns. Over 10,000 frames of animation. Rich musical score, sound effects, and digitized speech. Ready-made single character party. Action-based combat system. Intuitive point-and-click interface. Isometric overhead view of a 3D world. System Requirements: 486DX, 33 MHz or faster, 4 MB RAM, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 12 MB hard drive space, Double-speed CD-ROM drive, Mouse, sound card required for speech, music & sound effects, 256-color SVGA, VESA 1.2 compliant driver. Sound: Ad-Lib, Ad-Lib Gold, Sound Blaster/Pro/AWE 32, Roland LAPC-1, MT-32, Gravis Ultrasound. CD-ROM ONLY as pictured in protective windowed sleeve! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Unless otherwise noted, you will receive a genuine factory CD in a sleeve. It does not include any documentation, paperwork, Jewel Case, or Box.

DRUID: Daemons Of The Mind (PC-CD, 1995) for DOS - NEW CD in SLEEVE

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