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special present for an expecting mother but do not yet know whether it s going to be a little boy or a little girl, then you ve found the perfect gift! This item is a "The Classic Box - Unisex" from The Baby Box Co. The Classic Box is a tastefully designed, authentic Finnish baby box designed with The Baby Box Co. s current Autumn/Winter 2013 collection pattern, Classy Owls. The Classic Box is chock-full of valuable tools for parents, making it an amazing gift and a must-have purchase! It will make those first few weeks caring for a newborn baby much more manageable. We ve done the legwork to find the best brands--The Baby Box Co. saves parents money and time by providing a comprehensive tool kit for taking care of their baby! The Classic Box - Unisex includes the following: - 1 traditional Finnish baby box (length 70 cm, width 43 cm and height 27 cm) and lid designed with The Baby Box Company s current Collection pattern - 1 baby mattress fitted to the Finnish baby box - 1 lovey - 2 BPA-free, silicone pacifiers - 3 onesies - 1 soft swaddle blanket - 1 Red Cross healthcare kit - 2 pairs of socks - 2 water-resistant bibs - 3 gentle washcloths - 1 bath kit (contains lotion, shampoo wash, diaper ointment, nourishing oil, soothing buttermilk soap) - 1 pair of mittens - 1 newborn cap - 2 burp cloths - 1 BPA-free teether

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Finnish Baby Box - UNISEX - The Classic Box

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finnish baby box unisex classic box



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