I have been reading for a

little over a year. In this time I have helped countless amounts of family, friends, and strangers by shedding light on their situations and providing them with sound advice via my readings. As I am to reading online, I am proving my readings for a low-cost in order to gain feedback. *** You are purchasing a five yes/no question reading. Once your questions are received I will pull a tarot card for each question. I will then interpret these card and provide you with the answer to your questions. Once this is done I will e-mail you the reading. *** Once reading is purchased please send a message to me via the "contact seller" box. In this message include your name (or nickname), and your questions. If questions are sent any other way, I will not receive them. Once I receive the questions, I will e-mail you back within 24-48 hours with your answer. I will not track you down if you did not message me your questions. It is up to you to get into contact with me. *** All questions will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. I respect your privacy, I do not judge. All answers provided will be provided with brutal honesty. I choose my words carefully, but will not sugar-coat any answers. *** Payment is expected immediately after purchase. *** Reading will usually be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of me receiving your questions. In rare situations your reading may take up to 48 hours. If this is the case I will send you a message explaining why. *** As I am a strong believer in karma, if you are ever dissatisfied with your reading, please let me know within 72 hours of receiving it. I will work with you in order to try to resolve the reason for your dissatisfaction. If unable to satisfy you I will provide you with a full refund. If this is the case, I will expect positive feedback from you. *** By law I am required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are also no substitute for professional help. You must be 18+ to purchase.

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Five Yes/No Questions - Accurate and Fast!

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