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I have been in the doll & collectibles business all my life.?? I officially opened my store in 1991, having been in antique malls etc.?? I now do mainly online worldwide mailorder.?? I love meeting people and furnishing them with that item that they just can't find anywhere else.?? I have over 4000 dolls on hand so if you don't see it in my store, please feel free to contact me and I probably have it.?? Thanks! for visiting....Marcia
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Jun 2009
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<blockquote>Let's Make a Deal Vanna White is famous for her beautiful gown.<br>Long gown with satiny knit hot pink body, Cowl collar, bouffant skirt and bow at waist are done in black sheer knit with metallic aqua and move hearts scattered about.&nbsp; <br>Gold hoop necklace with gold fob.&nbsp; Long blond hair in ponytail with brown eyes.&nbsp; Vanna is displayed in a cool sealed clear plastic case with pink.&nbsp; Vanna is displayed with a city background.&nbsp; <br>Manufactured by Pacific Media Ventures, Beverly Hills, CA in 1992<br>Mint doll is Never Removed From Case.<br>&nbsp;
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<b><font face="'Exo 2','Exo 2',verdana,sans serif" size="3"> </font></b></p><p align="center"><b><font face="'Exo 2','Exo 2',verdana,sans serif" size="3"><a href="http://www.stores.ebay.com/%0Amarciasfantasy"><img src="http://cobalt.daktel.com/%7Etofantas/ebaystore.jpg" alt="ebaystore" border="0" height="75"></a></font>
</b></p><p><b>WELCOME to
my store.....Be sure to check out my </b></p><p><b><font +1="" face="funstuff" size=""><big><b>Bargain Boutique:</b></big></font><font size="+1"><small>
</small></font></b></p><p><b><a href="http://www.stores.ebay.com/marciasfantasy/%0Aplistings/list/all/dept11/index.html?col=4&amp;dir=1"><font size="+1">New one of a kind bargains
added every day. Get a Bargain!</font></a></b></p><p>
<b><font face="times new roman" size="2">
<b>Thanks for looking!</b>

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