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City Historic Book Collection on DVD The York City Book Collection is a collection of 49 volumes relating to the history of York City and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. These books are an excellent resource for history and genealogy researchers of this area. All the titles contained on this DVD are listed below. York sketches (1902) - Williams, Jesse Lynch - 133 pages The city of York (1917) - Brown, Henry Collins - 288 pages History of the city of York : its origin, rise, and progress Volume 1 (1877) - : Lamb, Martha J. (Martha Joanna Harrison, Burton, Mrs. - 786 pages History of the city of York : its origin, rise, and progress Volume 2 (1877) - : Lamb, Martha J. (Martha Joanna Harrison, Burton, Mrs. - 820 pages Appleton's York city and vicinity guide .. (1849) - Williams, W. (Wellington) - 91 pages York City and its masters (1887) - Graham, Robert - 46 pages A home geography of York city (1905) - Straubenmuller, Gustave - 229 pages The finances of York City (1898) - Durand, Edward Dana - 397 pages How York city is governed (1866) - Parton, James - 48 pages The old merchants of York City (1863) - Scoville, Joseph Alfred - 472 pages Fifty photographic views of York city (1895) - 48 pages Valentine's manual of old York (1919) - Brown, Henry Collins - 383 pages A souvenir of York City, old and (1918) - 369 pages Annals and occurrences of York city and state, in the olden time : being a collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents concerning the city, county, and inhabitants, from the days of the founders ... (1846) - Watson, John F. (John Fanning) - 390 pages Railroads and railroad grants in the City of York (1860) - 368 pages York city and how to see it; (1876) - Ogden, Robert Curtis - 69 pages The Columbus historical guide and map of York city (1891) - Bolitho, Edwin - 82 pages Who's who in York (city and state) (1904) - 798 pages Seal and flag of the city of York (1915) - Pine, John Buckley - 103 pages The practical guide to York city and Brooklyn .. (1877) - Morford, Henry - 51 pages Rand McNally York guide to the city and environs (1913) - 145 pages Machine politics and money in elections in York City (1887) - Ivins, William Mills - 150 pages Longworth's American almanac, New-York register and city directory (1816) - 752 pages Historical sketch of the origin and organization of the Reformed Church in America and of the Collegiate Church of the City of York (1904) - 54 pages Laws relating to sex morality in York city (1917) - Spingarn, Arthur Barnett - 139 pages Belshazzar court; or, Village life in York city (1914) - Strunsky, Simeon - 190 pages Industrial causes of congestion of population in York City (1911) - Pratt, Edward Ewing - 259 pages Municipal reform through revision of business methods, York city (1910) - 58 pages Bankrupting a great city (the story of York) (1915) - Klein, Henry H. - 188 pages The social evil in York city : a study of law enforcement by the Research committee of the Committee of fourteen (1910) - Kneeland, George J. - 268 pages New-York, past, present, and future : comprising a history of the city of New-York, a of its present condition, and an estimate of its future increase (1850) - Belden, E. Porter (Ezekiel Porter) - 203 pages The Catholic churches of York City, with sketches of their history and lives of the present pastors : with an introduction on the early history of Catholicity on the island, and lives of the most reverend archbishops and bishops (1878) - Shea, John Gilmar - 748 pages Charcoals of and old York (1912) - Smith, Francis Hopkinson - 142 pages Gospel work in York City : a memorial of fifty years in city missions (1878) - Jackson, Lewis Evens - 200 pages York city guide; a comprehensive guide to the five boroughs of the metropolis: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Richmond (1939) - Federal Writers' Project (N.Y.) - 708 pages Lloyd's pocket companion and guide through York City, for 1866-67 (1866) - Lloyd, Thomas - 194 pages Catholic footsteps in old York, a chronicle of Catholicity in the city of York from 1524 to 1808 (1909) - Bennett, William Harper - 499 pages The ladies guide and city directory for shopping, travel, amusements, etc., in the city of York (18 ) - 127 pages York; a historical sketch of the rise and progress of the metropolitan city of America (1853) - Curry, Daniel - 339 pages Progress and prospects of York, the first city of the world. 1492-1893 (1893) - Commercial Travelers Club of York - 202 pages Old buildings of York City, with some notes regarding their origin and occupants (1907) - 179 pages The St. Regis Hotel, Fifth Avenue and Fifty-fifth Street, York City (1905) - 48 pages History of St. George's Church in the city of York, 1752-1811-1911 (1911) - Anstice, Henry - 508 pages The women of York, or, Social life in the great city (1870) - Ellington, George - 650 pages A history of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the city of York (1909) - Knapp, Shepherd - 566 pages What I saw in New-York; or, A bird's eye view of city life (1851) - Ross, Joel H - 326 pages Centennial services of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of the city of York (1885) - 206 pages Prominent families of York; being an account in biographical form of individuals and families distinguished as representatives of the social, professional and civic life of York city (1897) - Weeks, Lyman Horace - 641 pages A glance at York: embracing the city government, theatres, hotels, churches, mobs, monopolies, learned professions, newspapers, rogues, dandies, fires and firemen, water and other liquids, c., c (1837) - Greene, Asa - 264 page This DVD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. 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