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PENGUIN ISLAND by Anatole France iPod Audiobook CD
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PENGUIN ISLAND by Anatole France
iPod Audiobook CD


Please Note:

This CD has been ESPECIALLY formatted for your iPod or iPhone (the same format sold in the iTunes Audiobook store), the books are NOT in MP3 format, instead the files are in iPod s Audiobook  format, ready to play in your iPod, iPhone or your computer through itunes.

Our IPOD Audiobooks have the advanced bookmarking feature which remembers the position where you stopped listening the last time, even if you listen to another audiobook or music file, days later!

THIS CD WILL NOT PLAY in AN Ordinary CD or MP3 players, ONLY in your iPod or through  iTunes!!!!!!!!

Unlike other sellers that state their MP3 audiobooks arei Pod Ready  or Good for your iPod ? we deliver the IPOD audiobooks in the way it should be listened to!

All of our audiobooks are read by people, NOT computer voice generated readings with the funny mispronunciations and lack of warmth that a real person s voice would give.

Take advantage of your iPod s Audiobook advanced features!

iPod's Audio Book Features

Your iPod provides some nice features for Audio Books.

Remembering the last listening position

Because audio books are most of the time quite large files, it's unlikely that you listen to them in one piece. Your iPod remembers the position where you stopped listening the last time. So when you continue listening to your audio book, maybe days later, you don't have to waste time finding the right position to start. This even works, if you are listening to music or other audio books in the meantime.

Adjusting the reading speed

You can adjust the reading speed to your personal preferences.

These features are only available for audio books in the iPod format but not for MP3 files. Please refer to your iPod documentation for more information on how to use these features

   Penguin Island


Anatole France

The novel  is a satire on human nature. The first publication was in 1908. These penguins are mistaken for humans by the 97-year-old priest, Father Mael, because of his bad eyesight. He baptizes them, and once baptized, they have no choice but to become human. They take on human traits (build civilizations, go to war, etc.). The book is very funny and powerful. (Summary by Michael)

Approx. Total running time: 9 hrs  

  Read by Michael Sirois

1 Book1 Ch1      Life of Saint Mael     
   2 Book1 Ch2     The Apostolical Vocation of Saint Mael     
   3 Book1 Ch3     The Temptation of Saint Mael     
   4 Book1 Ch4     Saint Mael s Navigation on the Ocean of Ice     
   5 Book1 Ch5     The Baptism of the Penguins     
   6 Book1 Ch6     An Assembly in Paradise     
   7 Book1 Ch7     An Assembly in Paradise (Continuation and End)     
   8 Book1 Ch8     Metamorphosis of the Penguins     
   9 Book2 Ch1     The First Clothes     
10 Book2 Ch2     The First Clothes (Continuation and End)     
11 Book2 Ch3     Setting Bounds to the Fields and the Origin of Property     
12 Book2 Ch4     The First Assembly of the Estates of Penguinia     
13 Book2 Ch5     The Marriage of Kraken and Orberosia     
14 Book2 Ch6     The Dragon of Alca     
15 Book2 Ch7     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
16 Book2 Ch8     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
17 Book2 Ch9     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
18 Book2 Ch10     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
19 Book2 Ch11     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
20 Book2 Ch12     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation)     
21 Book2 Ch13     The Dragon of Alca (Continuation and End)     
22 Book3 Ch1     Brian the Good and Queen Glamorgan     
23 Book3 Ch2     Draco the Great (Translation of the the Relics of St. Orberosia)     
24 Book3 Ch3     Queen Crucha     
25 Book3 Ch4     Letters: Johannes Talpa
26 Book3 Ch5     The Primitives of Penguin Painting     
27 Book3 Ch6     Marbodius     
28 Book3 Ch7     Signs in the Moon     
29 Book4 Ch1     Modern Times: Trinco     
30 Book4 Ch2     Trinco     
31 Book4 Ch3     The Journey of Doctor Obnubile     
32 Book5 Ch1     The Reverend Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse     
33 Book5 Ch2     Prince Crucho     
34 Book5 Ch3     The Cabal     
35 Book5 Ch4     Viscountess Olive     
36 Book5 Ch5     The Prince des Boscenos     
37 Book5 Ch6     The Emiral s Fall     
38 Book5 Ch7     Conclusion     
39 Book6 Ch1     General Greatauk, Duke of Skull     
40 Book6 Ch2     Pyrot     
41 Book6 Ch3     Count de Maubec de la Dentulynx     
42 Book6 Ch4     Columban     
43 Book6 Ch5     The Reverand Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse     
44 Book6 Ch6     The Seven Hundred Pyrotists     
45 Book6 Ch7     Bidault-Coquille and Maniflore, The Socialists     
46 Book6 Ch8     The Columban Trial     
47 Book6 Ch9     Father Douillard     
48 Book6 Ch10     Mr. Justice Chaussepied     
49 Book6 Ch11     Conclusion     
50 Book7 Ch1     Madame Clarence s Drawing Room     
51 Book7 Ch2     The Charity of Saint Orberosia     
52 Book7 Ch3     Hippolyte Ceres     
53 Book7 Ch4     A Politician s Marriage     
54 Book7 Ch5     The Visire Cabinet     
55 Book7 Ch6     The Sofa of the Favourite     
56 Book7 Ch7     The First Consequences     
57 Book7 Ch8     Further Consequences     
58 Book7 Ch9     The Final Consequences     
59 Book8     The Endless History and Section One     
60 Book8     Section 2     
61 Book8     Section 3     
62 Book8     Section 4        These CD s were created from the Public Domain and as such is in compliance with Atomic Mall's Policys




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