Teach your child Math with The

e mathematical race association Wooden toys Probably the easiest and Funnest Way to do it ! For ages 18 Months to 7 years mathematical race association Wooden figures game box, Product Weight: 0.300KG Size: 23.7 * 16 * 3 Toys Material: Wood Product : This is based on a set of mathematical teaching aids, can teach children to count, how many children comparison guide; learning addition, subtraction operations, the establishment of the concept of number. Let your baby know different colors, the simple number and operation symbols; practice addition and subtraction operations. How to play: let your baby know red, yellow, blue, green, four colors; Good for your baby after each of 2, 3, 5 the number of units of group practice; your baby to learn what their usage numbers and +,-,=; use of beads to add and subtract. * Delivery Information: Important DELIVERY Information, Please read before you order- *All Products come from CHINA are subject to Availability. ( Estimated ) delivery time to every country U.S.A Approx 20 - 30 business days Canada, Australia - Approx 25 - 35 business days Europe, Asia, Far East Approx 20 - 30 business days Mexico, South America --Approx 30 - 50 business days Russia -- Approx 30 - 50 business days Other Country -- Ask If you can't wait that long, please do not order. Not Always Available in all countries. If Undeliverable or Unavailable, you get full refund. Please note that Delivery charge varies, for example: Delivery to united states does not mean delivery to all countries. Thank you for your business ! *

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Teach Your Baby Math , with The Mathematical Race Association Wooden toys

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teach your baby math with mathematical race association wooden toys



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