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Dwolla Payments at Atomic Mall   

Atomic Mall is excited to announce our new relationship with Dwolla.com, the internet's most dynamic and inexpensive electronic payment service.

Effective immediately, AM Sellers may add Dwolla to their storefronts as a secure, cost-effective payment alternative to the existing choices of Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa/MC and Amazon Payments.

Dwolla is the online and mobile cash network that connects to your social community and location to share and spend money. Using proprietary technology and business partnerships with the Veridian Group and The Members Group, Dwolla allows consumers and organizations to send and receive money from their bank accounts for only 25¢ per transaction, no matter how high the transfer amount.

Dwolla makes it easy to increase Browser-to-Buyer conversions with a set of fantastic, cost-saving features:

  • Save Time
    Replace paper checks, and distribute mass payouts in seconds. Landlords, sports leagues, farmers, freelancers, and countless other small businesses use Dwolla to streamline their payment lives.

  • Real-Time Payments by Bank Transfer
    Dwolla utilizes FiSync, a service that provides banks with the ability to do real-time ACH transfers

  • Browsers-to-Buyers
    Browsers to your Atomic Mall Store are not required to have a Dwolla Account. Buyers simply select the Guest Checkout option and in a few clicks are able to complete the purchase using their bank or credit union account

  • Lowest Fees
    Transactions over $10 cost a flat 25¢ with NO additional fees, and transactions under $10 are FREE. There are no set-up fees, no merchant account fees, no percentage-based fees and no monthly maintenance fees

Ready to get started? Explore the Dwolla Startup Guide and your store will be "Dwollafied" in no time! Dwolla has established itself as the smoothest and easiest-to-use gateway for buyers interested in direct ACH bank payments. Take advantage of this great asset to improve your sell-thrus and begin converting Browsers to Buyers!

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