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One of the most useful Seller tools at Atomic Mall is the AtomicUploader - a utility which allows our merchants to instantly bulk list hundreds or even thousands of items, saving valuable time.

To use the AtomicUploader, each bit of data or "field" in your text file must be separated by an ASCII TAB character. This is how the uploader software knows how to distinguish between your selling price and your quantity (as an example). Any popular spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel is able to produce TAB-delimited text files suitable for use with AtomicUploader.

In addition to your actual data, a header must be included in each uploaded file which tells our software which fields contain which types of data. Like the data itself, each field in the header is separated or "delimited" by a TAB character:

The above example only shows the first six field values contained within the header. A template file is available for download which contains a useable header as well as a sample product line. Click the link and select:

File > Save Page As.. to save it to your hard drive.

IMPORTANT: Do not change the order of the header values or modify the header in any way when including it in your upload file. It must remain as-is in order to assure error-free AtomicUploader sessions. Of course you'll want to use your favorite text editor to delete the sample product line and informative text before using the file in an actual upload, or you can download the header by itself and use it as-is.

Below is a complete list of field header values shown in correct sequence, and the type of data expected for each. The ones shown in bold red are required fields which cannot be blank.

itemname Enter the name of your item here. Avoid non-alphanumeric characters
(% ^ & @) as a general rule for best search visibility.

Max: 80 characters
Example:  Acme Magic Widget, Rare Platinum Edition 

qty The number of units you have for sale. It is important to keep this number as current as possible to avoid oversold situations which may irritate your customers. Note: A zero (0) value entered here will delete that item from your inventory until it is resubmitted with a positive quantity value.

Range: 0 ~ 9999
Example:  25 

price The lowest price at which you're willing to sell your item, in US dollars. Should consist only of digits and a single decimal point. Dollar signs ($), commas (,) and other characters should not be entered. If you would like to offer a "free" item, set the price here to "0.00".

Range: 0.00 ~ 9999999.99
Example:  79.95 

condition A numeric value which corresponds to the condition of your item. This should be set as accurately as possible to assure no disappointments upon delivery to your Buyer.
  • 1 = Brand New (still sealed in original packaging, never used)
  • 2 = Used - Like New
  • 3 = Used - Excellent
  • 4 = Used - Good
  • 5 = Used - Fair
  • 6 = Used - Non-functional
  • 7 = Refurbished
  • 8 = Vintage
  • 9 = Antique
  • 0 = See Description
Range: 0 ~ 9
Example:  2 

mfr The manufacturer of your item. (If software or a book, enter the publisher here). Not a required field, but recommended, since Buyers will be able to find your item easier when searching products by manufacturer.

Max: 35 characters
Example:  Black & Decker 

shiptime The number of days after order receipt, that you agree to ship your product. If you ship within 24 hours, enter a zero (0) here. A numeral five (5) = 5+ days.

Range: 0 ~ 5
Example:  1 

shipto The geographic region you are willing to ship your product to.
  • Worldwide
  • USA 50 States
  • USA Lower 48 (all states except Alaska & Hawaii)
  • USA/Canada
  • USA/Canada/Mexico
  • Originating Country Only
  • Local Pickup Only (if you cannot/will not ship the item)
Example:  USA Lower 48 

shipping_reg The price you charge for economy domestic shipping. Typically this will be USPS Media Mail, 1st-Class Mail, UPS Ground, or Fedex Ground. Only digits and a single decimal point should be entered. No commas (,) dollar signs ($) or other characters are allowed.   Note: Set to "0" for Free Shipping.

Range: 0 ~ 9999.99
Example:  4.95 

shipping_exp The price you charge for domestic Express shipping, typically Fedex or UPS 2-Day Air, or USPS Priority Mail Express. Leave blank if you don't offer Express shipping.

Range: .01 ~ 9999.99
Example:  14.00 

shipping_intl The price you charge for shipping outside your country of origin, typically Postal Small Packet Airmail or UPS/DHL/Fedex International Air. Leave blank if you don't offer International shipping.

Range: .01 ~ 9999.99
Example:  24.50 

method_reg The shipping method you use for domestic, economy shipping.
  • USPS 1st-Class Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • USPS Media Mail (Books, software, DVDs, etc)
  • UPS Ground
  • Fedex Ground
  • Truck Freight
  • Ground
  • Air
  • Canada Post
  • Local Pickup
  • Digital Delivery
Example:  USPS 1st-Class Mail 

method_exp The shipping method you use for domestic, Express shipping. Leave blank if you don't offer Express shipping.
  • UPS 3-Day
  • UPS 2-Day
  • UPS Overnight
  • Fedex 3-Day
  • Fedex 2-Day
  • Fedex Overnight
  • DHL Express
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail Express
  • XpressPost
Example:  DHL Express 

method_intl The shipping method you use for International (foreign) shipping. Leave blank if you don't offer International shipping.
  • USPS 1st-Class Mail International
  • USPS Priority Mail International
  • USPS Priority Mail Express Intl
  • Fedex International Air
  • UPS International Air
  • DHL International Air
  • XpressPost International
  • Canada Post International
  • Other International Air
  • Digital Delivery
Example:  Fedex International Air 

image The URL location of your item's primary image. This should be the full URL, beginning with "http://". Not required, but highly recommended, since studies have proven that images sell products! All images should ideally be more than 500 pixels in width.

Allowable image types: .jpg .gif and .png NOTE: Images hosted on PhotoBucket.com will be rejected. Only non-interference image hosts may be used.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget1.jpg 

image_2 The URL location of your item's 2nd image.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget2.jpg 

image_3 The URL location of your item's 3rd image.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget3.jpg 

image_4 The URL location of your item's 4th image.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget4.jpg 

image_5 The URL location of your item's 5th image.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget5.jpg 

image_6 The URL location of your item's 6th image.

Max: 150 characters
Example:  http://www.imagehost.com/images/widget6.jpg 

upc The UPC or ISBN barcode number of your product. Entering this number will make your items highly visible, as shoppers will be able to see your listings when they do price comparisons for identical items from competing vendors. Should be entered without spaces, dashes or other special characters. Only a contiguous string. UPC numbers are typically 12 digits, while ISBN numbers are typically 10 or 13 digits, and are used to identify books.

Example:  001235557825 

sku Stands for "stock keeping unit". A unique product identifier used to differentiate your item from all others in your inventory. Can be a combination of alphanumeric characters, spaces, hyphens, underscores and forward slashes. Must be unique to a particular product, and cannot duplicate other SKUs in your inventory.

Max: 55 characters
Example:  WIDG-07blu 

description Your full product description. If it contains quotation marks within the body of the text, the entire field must be enclosed by quotes ("..."). Any embedded quotation marks must then be "escaped" by converting them to double quotes ("") or double apostrophes (''). Most spreadsheet apps like Excel do this automatically, but you should verify this by viewing the upload file after it's created by your spreadsheet. The description text also should not include any line breaks, line feeds, or carriage returns. It must all be included on a single, unbroken line within your upload file. Basic HTML permitted, including: <p><br><b><i><ul><ol><li><blockquote>.

Max: 10,000 characters

"This <b>beautiful</b> chrome-plated widget certainly isn't short on features:
<li>Upper and lower lookback mirrors
<li>Inner thermal barrier
<li>15"" bottom feeder lever
<li>your choice of purple, red, or black side marker plates
<p> Only a few left in stock, so order now!"

notes Any additional information you'd like to add which isn't covered in the description. It could be a note about how fast you ship, or about a unique detail of the product, or how long you've been in business, etc.

Max: 80 characters
Example:  We ship same day! See our store for more discounts. 

specs Product attributes for your item. This might include the item's shipping weight, color, size, etc. Entering this information can enhance your product's visiblity in Zzuss.com searches by using the data as additional attributes. Each attribute group must be separated by a pipe (|) symbol. Note: To insert Youtube videos into your listing, just copy the video identifer string (the part that comes after ?v=).


  • Age Range
  • Artist
  • Color
  • Gender
  • Length
  • Material
  • Model #
  • Part #
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Width
  • Youtube
Parameter Example
years 6-12
Kurt Cobain
inches 17.5
iPhone 3G
pounds 1.2
inches 5
11-char video ID _O2aVaqKD7g
Max: 12 fields, 255 characters total
Example:  Length: 7|Youtube: 34_gXl39aQr|Gender: Unisex 

warranty Detailed warranty information about the product.

Max: 255 characters
Example:  180-day factory warranty provided by Black & Decker 

reg_price The regular or "retail" price of your item. Entering a value here will create the addition of a "Savings" quote on your product page, showing the dollar amount a Buyer is saving vs. paying the item's regular price. Price must be set higher than your item's price value. As always, no dollar signs, commas or other characters besides numerals and a single decimal point.

Range: .01 above price ~ 9999999.99
Example:  109.99 

sale_expdate When used in conjunction with the reg_price field, creates a red "On Sale" sign on your product page, as well as the expiration date of the sale. On this date, the price defined by your price field will automatically switch over to the reg_price value. Sale expiration dates can be extended by changing the date in future uploads, or by manually editing the item from your Inventory page. Date must be entered using format: YYYY-MM-DD

Example:  2021-12-31 

category Primary shopping category for your product.
  • Art
  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Books
  • Camera & Video
  • Cellular
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Computers
  • Crafts
  • Dolls & Bears
  • Electronics
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry
  • Movies & TV
  • Music
  • Office & Industrial
  • Pet Supplies
  • Software
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Tools
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Video Games
  • Everything Else
  • Bargain Basement
Example:  Toys & Hobbies 

subcategory Secondary, sub-category for your product. This is a more specific subset of the main category, designed to make searches for specific products more accurate. A complete list of categories, subcategories and sub-subcategories is available for download.

Example:  Gadgets & Widgets  (as a subset of Electronics)

subsub Tertiary level sub-subcategory for your product. This is a more specific subset of the subcategory field, designed to add an additional layer of definition to your product's item type.

Example:  Turbo Widgets  (as a subset of Gadgets & Widgets)

storecat A custom category which will be visible to shoppers on your Storefront page. This category can be anything of your choosing, and allows you to customize a buyer's browsing experience by directing them to specific areas of your store that might not be covered by our standard category structure.

Example:  Honda Brake Pads 

For more information regarding the correct formatting of your upload files, refer to the photo tutorial in the right column on this page, visit our Community Forum Help Center, or email us at support@atomicmall.com.

Open Excel (or similar spreadsheet) and click on File > Open

Navigate to the file containing your header data, select it, and click Open

When the Import Wizard appears, select Delimited and click Next

When prompted for delimiter type, select Tab and click Finish

Begin populating your fields with data. Your header will be shown in row 1, and your data fields will begin at row 2. Be sure to save your work often to avoid accidental data loss!

When entering product specs, each field must be separated by a pipe (|) character. Also, since we're using Excel in this example, we don't need to convert the single quotes to double quotes. If you use a text editor or other app which doesn't convert them for you, you'll need to do this manually, and enclose the entire field in quotes.

When finished entering product data, click File > Save As

Give your file a name, and select Text (Tab delimited) by the by "Save as type:" prompt. Then click Save. Note: You may get a warning that your file "may contain features that are not compatible with Text". If so, disregard by clicking Yes

Go to the AtomicUploader page and click the Browse button to locate your file.

Navigate to your file, select it and click Open

Click the Upload Inventory button to send your inventory file to Atomic Mall. Total upload and processing time will vary, depending on file size and internet connection speed. Maximum file size is 10mb, so if your data file is larger, you'll need to break it up into two or more sections and upload each separately.

If your upload is successful, the green checkmark will show. Your data file will then be placed in a queue, and processed along with other uploads in the order received. When your upload is scanned and processed, you'll receive an email notification indicating your listings are live. Allow up to 24 hours for processing.

By clicking the Uploader Results button from your Account page, or going to http://www.atomicmall.com/uploadresults, you'll be able to see a report of your last five AtomicUploader sessions, along with descriptive error reports for any lines that were not processed correctly. The reports will contain information about the type of errors encountered (if any), and how to correct them.

By clicking the Inventory button from your Account page, or going to http://www.atomicmall.com/inventory, you'll be able to see a complete list of your active items. If your recent upload was successful, the item(s) will show up here shortly after upload, and will be live and searchable on the site.

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