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AMAZING STORIES Vintage Pulp mags DVD Vol. 3
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Caveman Comics and Pulps
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These are all in cbr format and the viewer is included.

For the first half of the 20th century, pulp fiction made up America's most popular form of entertainment, beyond even movies and radio. During that time, some of the nation's finest pop illustrators and painters created untold thousands of original works to adorn the covers of these everyman novels, most in virtual anonymity. Then, in the 1950s, television came along and finally laid the pulps to rest, bringing an end to an unappreciated art form in the process. The post-modern view of pop culture that has arisen in recent decades has shed new light on the work of the great pulp artists

Below I have listed what is on the DVD's in this sale.

I have also posted some of the covers from the magazines.

All of the pulps here are in .cbr format. I have included the comic viewer for both PC and Mac computers.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

This sale is in full compliance with copyright policies.

Below is what's included on the DVD's.

Astounding Science Fiction v40n04 1947-12 v1.0 jpg-AK.cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v40n05 (1948-01.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v40n06 1948-02 (Street&Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v41n02 (1948-04.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v41n03 (1948-05.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v41n04 (1948-06.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v41n05 (1948-07.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v41n06 (1948-08.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v42n01 1948-09 (Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v42n02 [Street & Smith] (Oct 1948) (cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v42n03 1948-11 cape1736 .cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v42n04 1948-12 (.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v42n05 1949-01 cape1736 .cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n01 (1949-03.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n03 (1949-05.Street & Smith)(cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n03 [Street&Smith] (1949-11) (cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n04 [Street&Smith] (1949-06) (cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n05 [Street&Smith] (1949-07) (cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v43n06 [Street&Smith] (1949-08) (cape1736).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v46n04 (1950-12.Street & Smith).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v46n06 1951-02.cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v47n06 1951-08.cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v48n06 1952-02.cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v52n03 [Street & Smith] (Nov 1953) (Bitman).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v59n04 [Street&Smith] (1957-06) (Gorgon776).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v64n02 (1959-10.Street & Smith)(Space Cadet).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v01n01 (1930-01.Clayton).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v01n02 (1930-02.Clayton).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v01n03 (1930-03.Clayton) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v02n01 (1930-04.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v02n02 (1930-05.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v02n03 (1930-06.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v03n01 - 07 July 1930 .cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v03n01 (1930-07.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v03n02 (1930-08.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v03n03 (1930-09.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v04n01 (1930-10.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v04n02 (1930-11.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Stories of Super Science v04n03 (1930-12.Clayton) (LQ) (archive).cbr
Astounding Science Fiction v40n03 1947-11 v1.0 jpg-AK.cbr

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