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Concrete and Masonry Training CD

Over 300+ pages covering all aspects of concrete and masonry training on one CD-Rom! There are a total of six separate guides in all; Concrete and Masonry, Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures, Grouting Technology, Roller-Compacted Concrete, Construction Print Reading, and Architectural Concrete.

This fully illustrated guide is packed with diagrams, tables, and charts and is a great learning tool and reference CD. Anyone interested in learning more about concrete, masonry, or grouting will find this guide extremely useful and a priceless educational asset!



Concrete and Masonry


This manual is primarily a training guide and reference for engineer personnel using concrete and masonry materials in field construction. It has two parts: Concrete (Part I) and Masonry (Part 2).

Part One covers the physical characteristics, properties, and ingredients of concrete; mixtures, design and construction of forms; and with reinforced concrete and field construction procedures.

Part Two addresses the mason"s tool and equipment as well as the physical characteristics and properties of concrete blocks, bricks, and structural clay tiles. It further explains construction procedures and methods for these masonry units.

Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures

This manual provides information and guidance for the investigation and selection of concrete materials for civil works concrete structures. Elements discussed include designs studies and reports, preparation of contract plans and specifications, construction preparation, and concrete construction quality verification. Emphasis is placed on the problems of concrete for hydraulic structures. Roller-compacted concrete, shotcrete, rigid pavement, architectural concrete, and concrete for repairs are not included.

Structural design of precast and prestressed concrete for offsite prefabricated construction of hydraulic structures is also discussed. This manual provides interim guidance for structural engineers in the design and construction of precast and prestressed hydraulic concrete structures. The primary emphasis is on float-in and lift-in type structures.

Grouting Technology

This manual provides technical criteria and guidance for civil works grouting applications. Information on procedures, materials, and equipment for use in planning and executing a grouting project is included, and types of problems that might be solved by grouting are discussed. Methods of grouting that have proven to be effective are described and various types of grouts and their proportions are listed.

Roller-Compacted Concrete

The purpose of this manual is to provide information and guidance on the use of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) in darns and other civil works structures. This manual does not cover RCC for pavements. Elements discussed include investigation techniques, inspection, and performance.

Construction Print Reading

Construction print reading is a key skill for technical students. Fortunately, a formal education is not essential for achieving proficiency in this important subject; the study of correspondence courses such as on this CD can provide the essential skills.

Architectural Concrete

This manual provides guidance for the design and construction of architectural concrete, including planning and design, forms, materials and proportions, batching and transporting, placement, curing and form removal, exposed aggregate surfaces, finishing, and quality assurance.





Concrete and Masonry Table of Contents (301 Pages Total)



Chapter 1: General (5 pages)
Section I. Basic Consideration
Section II. Desirable Concrete Properties

Chapter 2: Concrete Components (20 pages)
Section I. Cements
Section II. Water
Section III. Aggregates
Section IV. Admixtures

Chapter 3: Proportioning Concrete Mixtures (20 pages)
Section I. Method Considerations
Section II. Trial-Batch Method
Section III. Absolute-Volume Method

Chapter 4: Form Design and Construction (56 pages)
Section I. Principles
Section II. Design
Section III. Construction
Section IV. Joints and Anchors

Chapter 5: Construction Procedures (51 pages)
Section I. Reconnaissance
Section II. Site Preparation
Section III. Excavation
Section VI. Handling and Transporting
Section VII. Placement
Section VIII. Finishing
Section IX. Curing
Section X. Temperature Effects
Section XI. Form Removal
Section XII. Repairing

Chapter 6: Reinforced-Concrete Construction (22 pages)
Section I. Development and Design
Section II. Structural Members
Section III. Reinforcing Steel
Section IV. Precast Concrete


Chapter 7: Basic Equipment and Components General (13 pages)
Section I. Mason"s Tools and Equipment
Section II. Mortar
Section III. Scaffolding

Chapter 8: Concrete Masonry (32 pages)

Chapter 9: Brick and Tile Masonry (67 pages)
Section I. Characteristics of Brick
Section II. Bricklaying Methods
Section III. Brick Construction
Section IV. Reinforced Brick Masonry
Section V. Structural Clay-Tile Masonry

References (2 pages)

Glossary (4 pages)

Appendix A Conversion Table (2 pages)

Appendix B Method of Making Slump (2 pages)

Appendix C Field Test for Moisture Deformation on Sand (2 pages)

Authorization (1 page)



All manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format and are completely searchable and printable!

Adobe Acrobat is included on the CD as well incase you don"t have it.



For only a fraction of the cost of a textbook covering this same material, this extensive Concrete and Masonry Training CD will be rushed to your doorstep via USPS First Class Mail only hours after your order is placed!

Availability: Guaranteed to ship within 24 hours

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