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Audiobook Collection #2 of 25 audiobooks no CD MP3
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"FREE SHIPPING to Canada, U.S.A. and Internationally Collection #2 of 25 Various Audiobooks Narrated by various male & female voices The length of the audiobooks is approximately 11 hours 13 minutes. There is no CD with this auction. It will be shipped by email to your email and/or Atomic Mall messages as an MP3 file. Along with the file you will receive a PDF indicating the length of each audiobook and the starting time of the book in the file for easy access. Buyer can use this file for all purposes except reselling Audiobook Titles/Author/Brief Summary Christmas 200 000 BC Author: Stanley Waterloo Prehistorical adventure Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk Author: Frank Cowper Interesting horror Cupboard of Yesterdays Author: Saki Unorthodox look on the Balkans Wars Damned Thing Author: Ambrose Bierce Horror Devoted Friend Author: Oscar Wilde This is a story of two men ? one who was a devoted friend and the other whose notion of friendship left something to be desired. Disintegration Machine Author: Arthur Conan Doyle Another science fiction adventure of Professor Challenger. Dog or Demon Author: Theo Gift Horror Draculas Guest Author: Bram Stoker This story was originally part of Stoker's manuscript for the Dracula but was omitted because of the length of the published book. Dragons - The Last of The Dragons Author: E Nesbit A well-brought-up Prince was expected to kill a Dragon and rescue a Princess. This charming story tells the tale in exquisite detail. Drop of Blood Author: Mor Jokai Horror Easter Egg Author: Saki Really upsetting but dip horror. Edgar Poe-King Pest Author: Edgar Allan Poe Funny horror adventure of two drunken sailors. Edgar Poe-MS in The Bottle Author: Edgar Allan Poe Supernatural marine adventure. Etiquette Author: Sir W S Gilbert Humorous ballad Farm Murder Author: Karel Capek Very short but very interesting story from the Tales From Two Pockets. Fatal Cradle Author: Wilkie Collins Funny and unusual sea story. Feet Author: Mark Channing Horror Fighting Temeraire Author: Sir Henry Newbold Poem about ship made famous by Turner's picture. Flying Dutchman Author: Washington Irving Retelling of the most famous of all sea-legends. Gabriel Ernest Author: Saki Funny story about teenage werewolf. Gala Programme Author: Saki Romans and Ancient Feminists. Very funny story. Ghost of Dorothy Dingley Author: Daniel Defoe In 1665, a young man claims his path to school is haunted by an apparition. He enlists a country parson to help investigate the mystery. Ghost Ship Author: Richard Middleton Humorous ghost story Ghost Story Author: Mark Twain Humorous horror Ghosts Touch Author: Fergus Hume One of Hume's best short mystery stories, taken from his rare collection The Dance in Red. Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to rather than read. Audiobooks can be exact word-for-word versions of books or abridged versions. You can listen to audiobooks on a music player, cell phone, computer, tablet, home speaker system or in cars that support streaming audio. Devices for Listening to Audiobooks: Audiobooks are available as digital audio files, they can be used on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Some examples include: - MP3 players - PMPs (portable media players) - Smartphones (Android and iOS) - Internet tablet devices such as iPads - Home stereo systems - Cars that support streaming audio from media players - Computers THANK YOU and ENJOY YOUR AUDIOBOOKS PLS NOTE IAM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER AND HAVE RESELL RIGHTS"  

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