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Audiobook Collection #3 of 25 audiobooks no CD MP3
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"FREE SHIPPING to Canada, U.S.A. and Internationally Collection #3 of 25 Various Audiobooks Narrated by various male & female voices The length of the audiobooks is approximately 16 hours 12 minutes. There is no CD with this auction. It will be shipped by email to your email and/or Atomic Mall messages as an MP3 file. Along with the file you will receive a PDF indicating the length of each audiobook and the starting time of the book in the file for easy access. Buyer can use this file for all purposes except reselling Audiobook Titles/Author/Brief Summary Grave by the Handpost Author: Thomas Hardy Short mystery Gray Wolf Author: George MacDonald Pretty Irish Werewolf-Girl Green Tea Author: J Sheridan Le Fanu Danger of overindulgence in Green Tea. Growing Gold Author: Bram Stoker Horror Happy Prince Author: Oscar Wilde This is a story of two friends - a statue (Happy Prince) and a swallow. The statue enlists the bird to take valuables to help the poor. Haunted and Haunters Author: Lord Lytton Haunted house in the midst of London Haunted Station Author: Hume Nisbet Really good horror in Australian outback. Horror of the Heights Author: Arthur Conan Doyle A blood-stained journal found in a field tells the story of an aviator, now missing. Some pages are absent, adding to the mystery. Hound Author: H P Lovecraft Very imaginative horror Hounds of Fate Author: Saki Mistaken identity could be an unexpected present or a mortal danger. Hunted Down Author: Charles Dickens The miscreant suddenly turned away his face, and seemed to strike his mouth with his open hand. At the same instant, the room filled with a new and powerful odour. Hunting of The Snark Author: Lewis Carroll Loved as much for its nonsense verse as its whimsical nature, this poem tells of a ship's crew of ten hunting the highly dangerous Boojum. Iron Collar Author: Marcus Clarke Grim Australian horror KWAIDAN - Diplomacy Author: Lafcadio Hearn Samurai's ghost stories KWAIDAN - Jikininki Author: Lafcadio Hearn Samurai's ghost stories. KWAIDAN - Rokuro-Kubi Author: Lafcadio Hearn Samurai's ghost stories. KWAIDAN - The Dream of Akinosuke Author: Lafcadio Hearn Samurai's ghost stories KWAIDAN - The Story of Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi Author: Lafcadio Hearn Samurai's ghost stories Lost Hearts Author: M R James Murdered children get even Lukundoo Author: Edward Lucas White An African witch doctor casts a spell on an explorer. All over his body, hundreds of sores form and become tiny men emerging head-first. Man and Snake Author: Ambrose Bierce American Civil War soldier, Ambrose Bierce, wrote this short story about a man who dies of fright from a toy snake with buttons for eyes. Man in the Bell Author: W A Aytoun The frightful ordeal of a man at the mercy of an iron-tongued monster in a belfry. Man-Size in Marble Author: E Nesbit Horror Man Who Would be King Author: Rudyard Kipling The Man Who Would be King is a classic tale of adventure as the opportunistic, renegade and vagabond pair of freemasons, Daniel Dravot and Peachey Carnehan attempt to establish themselves at the level of god and king over the lost people of Kafiristan. Film adaptation with Michael Cane and Sean Connery is very good in its own right but without the masonic element. Markheim Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Horror Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to rather than read. Audiobooks can be exact word-for-word versions of books or abridged versions. You can listen to audiobooks on a music player, cell phone, computer, tablet, home speaker system or in cars that support streaming audio. Devices for Listening to Audiobooks: Audiobooks are available as digital audio files, they can be used on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Some examples include: - MP3 players - PMPs (portable media players) - Smartphones (Android and iOS) - Internet tablet devices such as iPads - Home stereo systems - Cars that support streaming audio from media players - Computers THANK YOU and ENJOY YOUR AUDIOBOOKS PLS NOTE IAM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER AND HAVE RESELL RIGHTS"  

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