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History of the US Railroad CD


Learn from over 1800+ absorbing vintage photographs how the US Railroad survived the turbulent years of the Civil War and evolved into one of the most significant contributors to the nation s progress in this historic CD.

The history of the US Railroad dates back to 1828 when the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opened the first 13-mile stretch of tracks between Baltimore and Ellicott Mill on the 24 of May. Horses were initially used to power the trains until the company experimented with its first steam engine, which was aptly christened Tom Thumb after the thumbnail sized fairy tale hero. Interestingly, Tom Thumb is remembered more for its memorable race against a horse-drawn carriage than for its place in rail history as the first American steam-powered locomotive.

In his memorable inaugural speech, the chief engineer of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad stated: "Today's experiment must, I think establish beyond a doubt the practicality of using locomotive steam power on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for the conveyance of passengers and goods at such speeds and with such safety as will be perfectly satisfactory to all parties concerned and with such economy as must be highly flattering to the interest of the company."

Perhaps one of the most impacting events in the history of the United States was the introduction of the railroad. The mobility, comfort and speed offered by the railroads were unmatched and this encouraged travel and mass-transport of goods, opening up new frontiers and taking people further west than they may otherwise have ventured. While the stagecoach ferried an average of 50 people a month, the railroad carried 2,500 passengers over the same period of time.

By the 1860s the railroad had been firmly established as a means of transport and had services connecting the East and West Coasts. It wasn t surprising, then that the railways were among the prime targets of destruction during the Civil War.

This historic CD offers a fabulous overview of the railways during the turbulent Civil War period and thereafter, documenting the activities of this industry through hundreds of stunning photographs and documents.

Crisscrossing snow-covered railway tracks, busy railway yards, train wrecks, railroad men at work, ravaging impact of the Civil War on railway lines, steam-belching locomotives, modern diesel and electric locomotives, subways, panoramic landscapes, railway stations - if it has anything to do with the railroad, you will find in this CD! Over 1800+ stunning photographs - some in nostalgic black and white and others in color - provide one of the most comprehensive pictorial histories of the US Railroad. In addition, this fabulous CD offers two absorbing books centering on the lives of railroad men and some of the most fascinating clip arts depicting railroad cars that you will ever set your eyes on.


Two industries, which should be credited with the rapid modernization of the United States, are undoubtedly agriculture and the railroad. The destiny of each of these was strangely entwined with that of the other. Both helped the nation grow.

From the earliest days, the railroad has carried a certain inexplicable charm and fascination that has held the attention of men as few other means of transport. Perhaps it was the magical enticement of smoke and steam-belching locomotives that produced more noise than they did speed or the friction-free rides that were a far cry from the bone-rattling stagecoach journeys that drew men to the railroad. Be that as it may, the lure of the railroad continues unabated to this day despite the metamorphosis the industry has undergone.

This CD provides a spectacular history of the US Railroad in the most alluring manner possible - through striking photographs. It also uses another equally charming mode of conveying railroad history - through the stories of a depot manager and other railroad men. The strong comment on the tenacity of the railroad and its men is difficult to miss.

Enchanting and informative, this CD is an art gallery that offers hours of fruitful study of the history of the US Railroad, and is a true collector's item, which every history buff must possess.


"Thoroughly researched, painstakingly compiled, put together in a simple and systematic manner, the history of the US Railroad could not get more interesting than this. Your CD has given me an in-depth understanding of the lives of railroad men and my respect for these hardy men has gone up quite a few notches."

Customer's Name: Danny Morris (Phoenix, Arizona)

"I have always been a railroad enthusiast and cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the contents of this CD. Railway lines, locomotives, workers, and accidents - this CD covers the story of our railroad in a very comprehensive manner and I love it."

Customer's Name: Brian Williams (Bella Vista, Arkansas)

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