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Lot of 10 x 500 gramm ecological Maca,wholesale
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Typical, unique and ethnic articles -
Direkt from Peru

We work together with artisans, from the whole of Peru.
These are
small family businesses, who work very hard and hand make most of our
garments in a traditional way, with a touch of modernity. By buying
from Alpacaandmore, you will be also helping a lot of Peruvian families
to increase their income, enjoy more of their work and their daily

So, thank you in advance, in the name of all the people who are
involved in the manufacture of our products!

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Sep 2009
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Scientific research has shown that Maca increases male and female libido.

10 x 500 Gramm's pure Maca


Maca also eases menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and and mood swings. Millions of women already benefit from Maca and have improved their quality of live during the menopause.

increases stamina and gives extra energy. Athletes, bodybuilders and other sportsmen are using Maca to get extra energy on a natural bases.

Maca is beneficial for men, women and children.

We have listed the advantages of Maca below Benefits for women:

Increase of fertility Increase of level of sexual activity Reduces menopausal symptoms Eases menstruation pains Stimulates stamina Increases your energy level

Benefits for men:

Decrease of impotency and erective dysfunctions Stimulates sexual activity Reduces male menopausal symptoms Improves hormonal balance and testosterone level Increases the production of sperm cells Decreases stress

Benefits for children:

Helps to fight problems with concentration Calms and makes more attentive

Has a beneficial effect on osteoporosis and poor functioning of the adrenal gland Maca is not a medicine. It is a food supplement that works as an adaptogen; it improves the adaptation ability of the body. It supplements the specific needs of the body according to age and sex of the person taking Maca.

You could say that Maca fills the empty shelves in our bodies. Maca is no invention of modern science. It is a tuberous plant that grows high up in the Peruvian Andes. For thousands of years, the plant has been known for its heeling and beneficial effect. But it is only in the past fifteen years that science has taken an interest in Maca. And scientific research has proven what the Indians of the Andes knew already for a thousand years: it works! Ideally, you have to take one spoon, through the day. Some people may already feel the effect after two days.

How to use: Maca can be mixed in Juices,Milk or Joghurts,you can take it with water.  

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